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Alerts (plugin)


Alerts plugin can be used to specify a point, a line or a polygon on the map with a detailed description related to that location. It is helpful when a certain type of data (complaints, reports, points of interest etc.) is needed to be collected from both public and authenticated users. These alerts can be divided into categories with the ability of notifying registered users of newly created alerts by category, zone or both.

To open the Alerts page click on the () tool.

To add an alert click on the Add alert button. A select menu will appear where you can select one of the geometry types and an option for displaying your current location on map. After you have drawn the alert on map a form will appear. Complete the fields and click Submit button to finalize the alert, or click Back button to erase the alert from map. Note that it is adviced to secify a valid e-mail since it may be used to send a notification when the alert status is closed or reopened.

To filter alerts by their status (Closed, Open, All) use the Status button. By default all Open alerts are displayed.

To filter alerts by categories use the Categories button. By default All categories are displayed.

Below the buttons a list of alerts are displayed. By clicking on an alert a more detailed info will be displayed:

  • Title - alert title
  • Description - alert description
  • Category - alert category
  • Status - alert status
  • Date - date when alert was added
  • First name - adding user's first name
  • Last name - adding user's last name
  • Email - adding user's email
  • Image - file associated with the alert (can be of .jpg, .png, .gif type). If this entry is missing then no image was attached to the alert.

To view an alert on map click on it in the alerts list, then click Show results on map button.

If you are a staff member then the close and delete options will also be available in the alert description.

To close an alert click on it in the alerts list, then click Close button. A notification email will be sent to the user that submited the alert. If the alert is already closed it will be reopened.

To delete an alert click on it in the alerts list, then click Delete button.

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