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Download raster


This tool is accessible to registered users with role that extends "rastercut" role and will allow you to download current map window as a geo-referenced raster image (JPEG + JGW) at a specified scale and resolution.

Click on the Download raster() tool. Draw a polygon that will represent your download area. Double click to end the drawing, this will open the Download raster panel in the Left panel with the following form:

Comment. Some text about the purposes of the download, it is a required field and cannot be empty.

Resolution. Raster resolution. If you want to print the raster we recommend to select a resolution matching your printer resoliution, usually 200dpi or 300dpi.

Scale. Raster scale

Click Submit to download your results as an archive.

Download raster statistics

This tool is available for the administrator group only, it will help you track raster download activity.

Click on the Download raster statistics() tool. Download raster statistics panel should appear in the Left panel.

Select a date range from the calendar for which the statistics will be shown. First click on the calendar to select the From date and second click to select the To date or leave empty for current day and click Submit.

Statistics data table description

Username. Who downloaded the raster

Area. Area of the downloaded raster in square meters

Scale. Scale of the downloaded raster

Date. Download date

You can sort the results in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.

Click the Back button to go back to the date range selection window.

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