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Alerts (plugin)


Alerts plugin can be used to specify a point a line or a polygon on the map with a detailed description related to that location. It is helpful when a certain type of data (complaints, reports, points of interest etc.) is needed to be collected from both public and authenticated users. These alerts can be divided into categories with the ability of notifying registered users of newly created alerts by category, zone or both.

To see the Alerts section click on the () tool. Alerts panel should appear in the Left panel with the following content:

Add alert. This button will guide you thought the procedure of adding an alert.

Notifications. This button switches to notifications section (for registered users only).

Status type. Button which filters alerts by their status (closed, open, all). By default all Open alerts are displayed.

Categories. Button which filters alerts by categories. By default All categories are displayed.

Alerts data table. A data table with the following fields:

  • Title - alert title
  • Description - alert description
  • Category - alert category
  • Status - alert status
  • Date - date when alert was added
  • First name - adding user's first name
  • Last name - adding user's last name
  • Email - adding user's email
  • Image - file associated with the alert (can be of .jpg, .png, .gif type)

Close alert.Button that closes the alert (for members of staff group only).

Delete alert.Button that deletes the alert (for members of staff group only).

If you click on the alert's row in the data table it will be zoomed to the alert location and highlighted.

Manage alerts

Add alert

Both registered and public users can place an alert on the map by default. To add an alert click on the Add alert button, select a geometry type (point, line, polygon) and draw it on the map. After you have drawn the alert on map a form will appear in the Left panel. Complete the fields and click Submit to finalize the alert, or click Back to erase the alert from map.

Note that it is advised to specify a valid e-mail since it may be used to send a notification when the alert status is changed (closed or reopened).

Close or delete alert

By default only a staff member or an administrator may close or delete alerts.

To close an alert select it from the data table and click Close button. The data table entry will be moved to closed alerts section. A notification e-mail will be sent to the user that submitted the alert. If the alert is already closed it will be reopened.

To delete an alert select it from the data table and click Delete button.


In this section a registered user may configure how he will be notified when a new alert is added. If a new alert has been created in a user defined zone or in a user defined category a notification will be sent to his e-mail address.

To add notification click on the Add notification button. A new entry in the notifications table below will appear with the following columns:

  • Category - if a category is selected then only alerts with this category will be sent to you by e-mail
  • Geometry - if a zone is selected only alerts that fall within this zone will be sent to you by e-mail
  • Delete - Remove the notification

To create a zone for the notification click on the (), then draw a polygon on the map. After the area was drawn three new buttons will appear in the Geometry cell: update, remove and view.

To update a certain zone click on the () button, then draw a new polygon on the map.

To remove a certain zone click on the () button.

To view a certain zone click on the () button.

To delete notification click on the () button in the Delete cell.

To go back to the alerts section click on the Alerts button.

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