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Online editing

This tool is accessible to registered users only. By online editing we mean editing attributes and geometries throught the web interface.

Make sure that the layer you want to edit has the Edit checkbox checked in the Layers settings. The layer will become editable at a certain scale set by administrator. You can snap to other vector layers vertices if their layer has Information checkbox checked in the Layers settings and Snap checkbox checked in the Main menu - System - Settings.

Click on the Editing() tool, five buttons will appear in the top right corner of the Map window ( Add, Edit geometry, Edit attributes, Delete, Undo feature)


Depending of the layer type you will be able to add a point, line or a polygon. Click on the Add() button, then on the Map window to begin drawing a geometry, double click to end. After you have finished drawing Edit attributes form should appear on the screen. Populate the form fields with proper values and click Save button to save or Cancel button to cancel adding feature.

After clicking Add() button, two more buttons will appear:

  • Add vertex at current location() - will create a point on your current position calculated using the gps on your device.
  • Undo vertex() - will remove the last added vertex.
  • Finalize() - will finish geometry creation and display the attributes form.

Edit geometry

Click on the Edit geometry() button and then on the geometry you want to edit, the geometry should be editable. This will change the color of the geometry to blue and vertices will become visibile, this indicates that the geometry is selected.

You can move the vertices by dragging them around. Line and polygon geometries have virtual vertices (semi transparent) that are in between real vertices, if you drag one of them they will become real, this way you can add any amount of vertices you like. To move the entire geometry drag the yellow circle in center of the selected geometry.

To delete a vertex select it by clicking on it and then click () button.

To move a vertex to current position select it by clicking on it and then click () button.

After you have modified the geometry click Save() to commit your changes.

Edit attributes

Click on the Edit attributes() button and then on the geometry you want to edit.

Attributes form will appear on the screen, you can change the attributes values there.

If the layer has history enabled and the feature has already been edited one or more times a Revision dropdown will be shown above the Cancel button. Select a revision from the list to view the geometry and attributes for that version.

After you have modified your attributes click Save to commit your changes or Cancel to discard them.


Click on the Delete() button and then on the geometry you want to delete, the geometry should be editable.


Click on the Undo() button to revert a change you have recently made. The history of your editing is kept until the session is other or until you refresh the browser window.

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