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Click on the Search() tool. Search panel should appear in the Left panel with the following form:

Layer. Layer that will be searched. Note that only visible layers are available for selecting.

Field. Field of the selected layer on which the search operation will be performed

Where. Search zone

  • Everywhere - search all data
  • In the current zone - search in the current map extents

Text. Value that will be searched

Click the Search button to submit your query. Search tool looks for any match of a search text in the selected field of the selected layer. Spaces are replaced by any amount of any characters, for example "pi lie" will match with "The pie is a lie". The search is case insensitive. Click on a row of the data table to zoom into the object extents. You can sort the results in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.

Click the Back button to select a different layer or field.

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