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This section will help you manage your registered users. To add a new account the user must complete the sign up form after which he will appear in the users table and can be further managed by the administrator.


You can find a specific user by typing the first letters of his account name in the Search by account text box. The data table can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the field's header.

Edit user data

To edit user data you need to double click on the cell of the data table.

Users data table description:

Id. Id of the user in the system

Account. Account name represented by an e-mail

Active. Can user login with his account or not. Default value can be set from Preferences - General section.

Role. User's role. Default user role can be set from Preferences - General section.

First name. User's first name

Last name. User's last name

E-mail. User's e-mail

E-mail confirmed. Was user's e-mail confirmed

IP address. You can limit user access by a specific ip. User will be able to log into the system only from the ip you entered. Leaving field empty is equal to any ip.

Expiration date. User account expiration date. Set the date that already past for no expiration date.

Last login date. Last log in date of the user

Delete users

To delete a user click on his id field, this will enable the Delete button, click on it to delete the user.

Note: Once the user is deleted it can not be restored. All user data/logs/relations will be cleared. It is recommended not to delete the user but to deactivate it in order to preserve editing history for example.

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