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Catalog (plugin)


This section is accesible through Plugins section by selecting the Catalog tab.

Here you can install/uninstall and disable/enable this plugin.

This plugin controls Catalog Services for the Web (CSW). Catalogue services support the ability to publish and search collections of descriptive information (metadata) for data, services, and related information objects. Metadata in catalogues represent resource characteristics that can be queried and presented for evaluation and further processing by both humans and software. Catalogue services are required to support the discovery and binding to registered information resources within an information community.

There are two configurable parameters:

  • Url. Address of the csw service. This is a required field for the plugin to function. The hostname should also be added to the allowed domains list in the "public/proxy.php" file.
  • Brand. What kind of brand is used for additional metadata. If a brand is selected users will have the option to see more data generated by that brand. For now only Geonetwork is supported.

The domain should be included in the "public/proxy.php" file in the allowed domains variable:

  1. //Allowed domain names
  2. $allowedDomains array(
  3.     'yourdomain'
  4. );


You can download Geonetwork from here. To install Geonetwork follow the instructions listed in this link. After the installation we recommend setting the database to PostgreSQL. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Launch GeoNetwork's Administrator Survival Tool - GAST
  • In the Configuration section select DBMS
  • In the DBMS dropdown select PostgreSQL
  • Complete the required information below it and click Save

If Geonetwork server is selected as a Brand then the Url should be http://domainandport/geonetwork/srv/<locale>/csw where domainandport is replaced by your Geonetwork's domain and port.

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