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Catalog (plugin)


This plugin is designed to visualise the collected geospatial metadata. Geospatial metadata (also geographic metadata, or simply metadata when used in a geographic context) is a type of metadata that is applicable to objects that have an explicit or implicit geographic extent, in other words, are associated with some position on the surface of the Globe. Such objects may be stored in a geographic information system (GIS) or may simply be documents, datasets, images or other objects, services, or related items that exist in some other native environment but whose features may be appropriate to describe in a (geographic) metadata catalogue (may also be known as a data directory, data inventory, etc.).

Upon activating the Catalog tool three sections will appear:

Search panel. The search panel is displayed in the Left panel and is used to search metadata by a keyword. The search panel contains the following fields:

  • What - a part or the whole title of the searched data.
  • Where - search data within the current map extent or the whole map.
  • Sort - sort the results alphabetically, newest first or oldest first.

Popular keywords. Metadata is categorised by keywords, and this list shows the most used keywords in the metadata entries (first in the list being the most popular). Clicking on a keyword from the list will display metadata entries with this keyword.

Recently added. This list shows the most recent added metadata.

When the tool is enabled the map will also be displaying zones defined by the metadata bounds. Hovering over a zone will show it's title and clicking on it will display detailed info for that zone's metadata.

When viewing detailed metadata you can click the See more button to display additional information (if available). To go back click on the () button.

You can share a direct link to a detailed metadata entry by copying the address bar (URL) and sending it.

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