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Tasks (plugin)


Tasks plugin is a workforce management tool that improves the efficiency of your mobile teams. A dispatcher can create a task by specifying its location on the map, filling in the details and assign it to a worker. Workers use the mobile version to complete their tasks according to the workflow's task.

Click on the Tasks() tool. Tasks panel should appear in the Left panel with the following content:

Tasks data table, with the following fields:

  • Title - task title
  • Status - status of the task. Can be one of the following: pending, in progress, completed or declined.
  • Priority - priority of the task. Can be one of the following: low, medium or high.
  • Created - date when the task was created.
  • Deadline - final date when the task should be completed.

Add. This button is used to add a new task.

Details. Displays details of a selected task. Also invoked by double-clicking on the task.

Show on map. Zooms into the task on the map. Also invoked by clicking on the task.

Edit. This button is used to edit a selected task.

Delete. Deletes a selected task.

By hovering over the task's title in the data table the full title will be displayed in the popup.

Tasks are colored on the map according to their status: pending - red, in progress - orange, completed - green, declined - gray.

Manage tasks

Add task

A task can be added by users who extend the "jobs_dispatcher" role.

To add a task click on the Add button and click on the map, a form will appear in the Left panel. Complete the fields and click Submit to assign the task, or click Back to cancel.

Note that when selecting the worker in the "Assign to" field, the number of his currently assigned tasks is displayed near his name, and the task names below.

Task details

A task's complete information and history of it's executed actions can be displayed in 2 ways. First way is by double clicking on the task's row in the data table, the second is by selecting it and clicking on Details button.

If a task has actions executed they will be displayed in the history section below the general infomation. An action's entry consists of (from left to right) execution time, name, distance to the task and a comment if it was supplied.

To view where the action was executed on the map click on the distance URL.

Edit task

A task can be edited by selecting it from the data table and clicking Edit button, a form will appear in the Left panel.

The edit function can also be used to reassign the task to another worker or/and in case it was declined to reset it's status to "pending" by checking the "Update status to pending" checkbox.

Delete task

A task can be deleted by selecting it from the data table and clicking Delete button, the task and all of its actions will be removed.

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