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Alerts (plugin)


This section is accesible through Plugins section by selecting the Alerts tab.

Here you can install/uninstall and disable/enable this plugin as any other.

You can control the categories from the category data table which contains the following fields:

  • Id. Id of the category.
  • Name columns. Names of the category in each installed language.
  • Color. Category color. This is the color that alerts of this category will have on the map.
  • Delete. Column that contains the delete icon.

To add a category click on the Add button below the categories data table. A new entry will appear.

To update a value double click on the corresponding column cells and enter a new value.

To delete a category click on the () icon located in the Delete column.

Note that you do not need to click Submit button to save changes. They are automatically saved.

This plugin is also dependable on the SMTP settings, if those are not specified then notifications via e-mail won't function.

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