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This section displays system logs.


This tab will display errors from log file located at "C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\giscuit\log.error.log" (Microsoft Windows) or "/vaw/www/giscuit/logs/error.log" (Linux). Log data table has the following fields:

  • Date. The date and time of the error.
  • Type. Type of error.
  • Client. Requesting client ip address.
  • Message. Message of the error.

You can find a specific error entry by typing a text that it contains in the Search text box


This tab shows statistics for different types of requests made to the server. They are displayed in two types of charts: a line chart and a pie chart.

A line chart is separated in 10 intervals. The x axis displays date and time, while the y axis displays number of requests for an interval. For each of the services a line is drawn on the chart. Each point on the line represents an interval between 2 dates. If you hover your mouse over a point on the line it will show the type of request, a date interval, and number of requests for that interval.

A pie chart displays totals for each type of service. It will be separated in sections, each of them occupying a corresponding percentage of the circle. If you hover you mouse over a section it will show the type of request, total number of requestsfor that type, size and a percentage from total requests for all services.

You can control the data displayed by selecting values from the upper part of the tab. These are the parameters which are for filtering statistics:

  • Date. Select a starting date by clicking on the calendar() icon and selecting it from there, or entering manually in the specified format (yyyy-mm-dd). You can also set time in hours(0-23) and minutes(0-59) in the corresponding fields. Select a finishing date after the untill keyword by following the same rules as in starting date.
  • Request types. Select the services for which you want statistics to be displayed by checking their corresponding checkboxes. There are four types of requests that are logged:
    • WMS - Request made to Web Map Service
    • WFS - Request made to Web Feature Service
    • Web - Request made by an authenticated user via Giscuit user interface
    • Tilecache - Request made to Tilecache for a missing tile that will be generated on the fly
  • Access types. Select which request access types you want to be displayed in the statistics. There are two types of access methods that are logged:
    • Public - Public request
    • Private - Request made by an authenticated user
  • Search by account. If you selected a private access type you can specify the user account for which statistics should be displayed.
To update the charts with the selected parameters click on the Update statistics button.

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